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Try hard! You can resist the sugar cravings!!


Sugar cravings are mostly triggered due to insulin and serotonin imbalance, adrenal fatigue, unhealthy eating, premenstrual syndrome or eating disorders. Sweets are highly addictive and becomes a problem only when we over-indulge in sweet treats. So where does the battle end? Well if the cravings become beyond control, its imperative ...

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Grab a sip of water to stay hydrated and healthy!!


There is no doubt that the vital functioning of the body carries on easily, by the water already present in the food stuffs that we eat. Larger benefits are at hand if you take in water rich fluids or drink water: Waste material expulsion Human body starts to collect waste ...

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Lower the cholesterol levels with 8 yummy food items


Proper diet plan is must to keep cholesterol levels inside our body in check. We at Medguru suggest various foods that help lowering this steroid lipid content in our blood stream. 1. Avocados: Avocados work wonders in lowering bad cholesterol and boosting the good one in our blood stream. This ...

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