Grab a bottle of the “granny recommended” Mustard Oil, right away!

Bothered by the odors coming from the kitchen? It may be the greenish-yellow mustard oil being scorched in the pan for cooking purposes. Mustard oil may give off a strong odor on being cooked but it has immense health benefits. Let’s list a few mustard oil properties:

It may be the strong mustard oil flavor that doesn’t agree with the palate of the nutritionists and the dietitians but it has been an integral part of traditional cooking. Do you remember your robust and untiring grandmothers slogging over the kitchen stoves in their ripe ages? If we go back in ages, there was certainly no olive oil way back then! So what must have provided the much necessary healthy benefits? It was the mustard and the coconut oil that was the love of the elderly.

Appetite booster

Mustard oil is a great stimulant for the gastric juices secreted in the stomach. These gastric juices promote the appetite of the individual.

Cold and cough

Do you remember the times your granny marched boisterously forth with a bowl of mustard oil and rubbed it on the chest of your sick sibling? Surprisingly it helps ward off cough and cold. The aroma and strong smell of mustard oil enter the respiratory tract and removes the phlegm.

Mustard oil has anti-inflammatory qualities

Mustard oil acts magically on people suffering from inflammatory stomach conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. Chronic bowel problems are tapered down by mustard oil usage.

Sun screening properties

The thick constituency of the oil protects the skin from the direct and harsh sun rays whenever applied. It can be a great help in these times as skin cancer is on the rise.

Aids digestion

Mustard oil leads to the stimulation of the digestive enzymes in the body and is much easier to digest as compared to the other cooking oils we use in our homes. The enzymes and its easy digestibility makes it an ideal choice for cooking purposes.

Controls cholesterol

The scientists certainly do not say that mustard oil is a heart-healthy oil but it sure does help maintain the cholesterol levels in the body. It aids the heart to keep bad cholesterol levels down and maintains a balance between the bad and the good cholesterol in the human body.

Anti rash

We still remember the voices of our grannies ring out telling us to rub some mustard oil whenever the skin broke out in a rash. After one or two applications the skin surprisingly seemed to settle down as well. Research proves that mustard oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and works great for skin infections.

Aches, pains, arthritis working up, there is granny’s formula again- A massage with some heated mustard oil for relief. We think it’s time to make sure a bottle of mustard oil is available on our kitchen shelves from now on!

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