Is she glaring angrily at you? Learn to calm your wife

Hell hath a woman scorned! You wake up relaxed and happy after a late night argument with your wife but you see her glare furiously still!

You may have forgotten the reason for the fight whereas she has a razor sharp memory and tends to remember all. It’s time to take a look at the ways you can settle her violent emotions: Believe us when we tell you that she is geared up to wage a war against you and will behave irrationally due to her explosive mood. So don’t go around fueling her temper further. You need to taper her anger down by impressing her and wooing her back into your arms.

Accept your mistake

Men are rational and act according to their practical and logical mind but women are ruled by their heart and emotions. Go ahead and tell her you made a mistake and are wrong. You will see her simmer down instantly. You need not believe that you made a mistake but need to reassure her and make her believe that she is genuinely right. Now is the right time to try out your convincing techniques.

Don’t try and explain the situation to her

Don’t try to explain the situation to her in any way. At this moment no logic appeals to her. She is in a blooming fury you can’t get across to her rationale as she won’t be willing to buy it. She will be able to understand only her point of view. Pointing out her irrational behavior is not going to win the quarrel for you, rather it will shut you out from your favorite bed space definitely.

Convince her with love

Leave the logical explanations alone guys, go ahead and hug her and say that you did all because of your extremely strong love for her. A woman’s heart beats at the sound of a love lorn message. She will calm down instantly and give you that wide “toothy beamer”, which made your heart flip over years ago.

Pay attention to her

Women have a habit of digging up the past. The argument may have begun from the socks on the bed but wont end there. Be prepared for the left over dirty towel in the bathroom, the late night out with friends, and the insensitivity at party years ago, all this will be brought forth in the argument. And don’t even try to tell her that’s insignificant and gone past. Immediately apologize for past actions admitting your mistake and keep your fingers crossed that she is in a forgiving mood.

Sometimes the irrational women just argue! Make sure you keep your cool and don’t end up in a fuming row with her. Don’t ridicule her in any way and definitely don’t walk off, or you have had it, she grudge you that action for life. Happy understanding!

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