Mom, dad, please!! Can you leave me alone? Stop interfering!!

Do you often see your teenage son rush out of the bedroom in a ruffled and furious state after you went in for a “tete-a-tete?” Step back right away parents, you may be interfering!!

It is often seen that parents resent their child’s personal relationships. Do you end up with the nose twitching, the scoffing, and face twirls when your son’s friend steps in? Do you constantly badger your child about his best friend? This maybe because you are a “blessed protective parent”, and are unable to bear your child, having a serious relationship. Parents forget that their children are travelling on the “adult road” and are maturing up rapidly. They need to realize that its time to dish up some respect for their “young adults”.

Do not go peeking into personal details

Don’t cross the line by constantly asking your kids about their personal relationships. Try to keep busy if the urge to go questioning takes over you. As a parent are you making the mistake of making calls to your child’s friends, mailing them etc? Stop right away and leave the child’s tasks alone. Leave your child to make their own decisions and mark their own choices. Trust them they are capable of getting by without your help, they can make judgments!!

Give your child space

Leave that mobile phone alone and don’t go on texting your child! It is embarrassing for him, remember that. Just question yourself, is it an emergency to call your child when he has gone for an outing? They are spending time with their friends, gaining new experiences and spreading their wings, don’t clip them! Put a halt right away to the “sonny boy texting” and place your phone far way from reach. It will help you control the urge to make a call.

Put a break on the control behavior

Stop that constant instructional behavior that you keep reserved for your child. Don’t try to control his or her actions. They need a breather from discipline in their lives. Remember the baby has stepped out of the cradle and may not need your finger every step of the way. Don’t nag them, please!! They will give you time after all they have grown up with you; it’s just that at that moment their priorities are different.

Leave their battles alone

It can be a stifling experience for the child if you go on fighting their battles constantly. Let them recognize their capabilities and fight for themselves.

Throwing your responsibilities on child

Its an age old method to keep in contact with your child, you start to occupy their time with your demands. The child may be obligated to stick around you at all times leading to tremendous stress and tension.

You have to read the signals your child sends you closely. The jerky movements, the shrugs, the “weather talks” are signs that say – “I need privacy and want you to move away”. Recognize these signs!! Don’t be helicopter parents; just be a parent who respects their child’s desire for privacy.

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