Signs Your Child is Suffering Peer Abuse!!

Insults, name calling, relentless teasing and malicious gossip inflicts deep and enduring pain, but there’s more to bullying behavior and victimization.

In today’s world, the internet and social media has intensified the injury!! Unlike traditional schoolyard antics, cyber bullying can have potentially serious consequences. There is no refuge from what’s posted on the internet.

The reckless use of email, chat rooms, instant messages, social networking websites and text messages spread like virus, ruining reputations and creating hurtful rumors.

To simply assume that bullying is just a normal part of growing up is a misconception. It can have a lifelong negative outcome that can dramatically affect the ability of students to progress academically and socially.

Victims of bullying are typically anxious, insecure, depressed, sad and suffer from hopeless, low self-esteem, lack social skills, experience loneliness, sleeplessness and suicidal thoughts.

Teen who are victimized are also inclined to the use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and indulge in reckless sexual behavior. These risk behaviors are linked to adverse health issues and mental disorders.

It’s time you got savvy and learnt the warning signs of bullying. Medguru offers a few indications to watch out for if you think your child may be suffering peer abuse…

1. Unexplained Injuries: Look for unexplained physical marks like bruises, cuts, or scratches that can’t be a result of traditional bullying activities. Most of the victims admit being spit on, pushed, shoved, or tripped by another student.

2. Changes in Appetite: If your growing teenage kid suddenly loses his appetite or appears exceptionally ravenous despite being handed a packed lunch, he may be a victim of peer abuse at school.

3. Missing school: Complain frequently of headaches, stomachaches, or other physical problems in order to skip school. A national survey in 2011 by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education found that nearly five percent of 12- to 18-year olds admitted missing school due to being intimidation by another student.

4. Missing Personal Items: If your responsible kid is losing money, jewelry, toys or coming home with torn, damaged, or missing pieces of clothing, books, or other belongings, it’s a warning sign he is being victimized.

5.Suffering Grades:Its reason to worry if a fairly intelligent student loses interest in doing school work, gets poor grades, finds it difficult to concentrate and avoids social groups and hobbies he once enjoyed.

6.Avoidance:If your child seem afraid of going school, riding the school bus and takes a long “illogical” route when walking to or from school, it’s an obvious indicator that something is amiss.

7.Loss of Sleep:Something is certainly not right if your typically energetic child has trouble falling or staying asleep or experiences frequent nightmares.

8.Tendency to Self-Harm:Research indicates that victims of intimidation are more prone to deliberate self harm due to low self esteem. Bullied children indulge in cutting or biting arms, pulling out clumps of hair, banging head against walls or attempting suicide.

If you spot any of the above symptoms, it’s time to talk with the child about the dilemma and help him to overcome the negative effects that could scar him for the rest of his life!!

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