Take the thyme, “much in time” to stay healthy!!

Does the small unopened bottle of “crushed” green flavored thyme leaves, stand untouched, in your kitchen cupboard? It may be an eye-opener for you, believe us ,the small “brushed” away green leaves, pack a punch of health benefits, folks!! Grab them quick!!

Remember the Egyptian “mummy” stories from your granny’s mouth? The embalming, the temple incense, the aromatic baths, the insect repellents, it was the thyme that provided the “magic whoof” in all this. Today the meat, poultry, soups, stews don’t smell the same yummy gourmet delights unless it’s splashed with the ground green leaves, like thyme. Wait a minute; you can garnish your salads too with this “health leaf”:

The refreshing thyme

The thyme leaves when chewed, act as a refreshing mouth freshener. These small green leaves have amazing mouth cleansing properties and help keep the oral cavity clean.

Anti septic thyme

Thymol oil in thyme has anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti bacterial characteristics. These leaves help in keeping the lungs and stomach healthy by warding off mucous membrane infections. The antiseptic thyme helps in healing wounds, burns and insect bites in a jiffy!

The lung protecting thyme

Are you suffering from the nagging cough and cold? Do the wracking coughs bother you incessantly? Break a few fresh green thyme leaves crush them and swallow with a teaspoonful of honey. You can take this “home remedy” 2-3 times daily, till the bronchitis is pushed away.

The multi-faceted thyme

It is a surprise to have a small leaf with immense health benefits. But thyme helps amazingly to digest heavy foods like red meat. The thyme leaves are also recognized for their antispasmodic effects and is a boon for the women who suffer from severe cramps during their menstrual cycle. The aroma from the thyme oil has a comforting and relaxing effect on the stressed out senses.

Amongst the herb category fresh thyme shows the maximum anti oxidant properties because of flavonoids like luteolin, pigenin, naringenin, zea-xanthin, thymonin and lutein present in it. These flavonoids help keep the diseases at bay and promote health. Thyme “leaf from our kitchen garden” is a rich source of iron, manganese, calcium, potassium, selenium and magnesium and helps in the red blood cell formation, regulation of blood pressure and heart rate. A rich source of minerals and vitamins, thyme, is a natural stress buster, and helps protect body against the scavenging pro-inflammatory free radicals.

Rather than pick up a medicine bottle and pop in a few pills why not rely on the green thyme leaf for providing protection from diseases!!And hey, you beautiful girls use the thyme leaves for a glowing complexion and wish the acne-skin a goodbye!!

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