Torn apart by scary pre wedding jitters? Let’s make it easy for you

Are your legs shaking as you approach the “Big Commitment” day? This is not uncommon even the people who have known each other for a long long time before they commit to wedlock have the pre wedding jitters.

Anxiety at this stage is not unusual but should hamper the thrill of the wedding. Maybe you can’t get rid of all the scary jitters but at least you can taper down its effect on you:

Take a shot at exercise

You can taper down the turbulent emotions by a run in the park. Light exercise helps release the endorphins that can regulate the mood. The stress hormones get burned up and used by light exercises like a jog or run. So follow this powerful routine till your marriage to reduce stress levels and then later on reconnect better with your partner in the cool breeze as you jog along.

A friendly get together

Anxiety changes the way you approach your life and is a gravely consuming emotion when left for free play. Your attitude before you walk up the aisle in front of the crowds of people can be messed up by anxiety and is a scary thought. So to escape the scary thoughts, go for an outing with your best friend. Take a break and sip a good cup of coffee, it will help relax you by cutting down the stress levels. Friends help you live up life, so go and have a blast with them.

Get humorous

It’s certainly not the end of the world if there is a slight mess-up on the wedding day. It happens, leave it, don’t mope over it and see the bright side. Find something to laugh about with your partner. A loud laugh is the cure-all for anxiety. Every wedding day faces problems and mistakes so make a diary to jot down all the potential wedding mistakes possible and tick away as you laugh along.

Write down the reactions and see the humor in them. Less perfection sometimes can be loads of fun. People get anxious because they take marriage as a serious event. Wear something funny under your dress that can bring a smirk to your partners face, but remember to keep it as a shared humorous event that you can laugh over later. Start to notice the anxious reactions of others, their facial expressions etc in different situations and then laugh it over later.

Find excuse to touch partner

We don’t mean that you should sneak under the tables to snuggle together but find a reason to touch your partner by the way of hand touches and small contacts. Touch reduces anxiety levels.

Delegate tasks to different people to ease your load.

Leave the long term wedding plans alone. Think for the moment. Think about the swell time you are going to have on your honeymoon.

Think about a date or a comfortable dinner at a nearby restaurant within the next few days. This time is just going to pass by. Enjoy every moment!

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