Wake up and feel refreshed in the morning, here’s how!

How many times does it happen is that alarm clock buzzes, and you feel that you need some more sleep. As if your sleep is yet to be fulfilled. Almost always, right?

Waking up fresh in the morning isn’t some thing that has to be resolved medically (although it does seem like it, sometimes). All it takes is the proper guidelines to be followed before sleep, during sleep and after waking up.

Yes, it does seem to be a herculean task, but honestly it isn’t. Here’s how.

Before you sleep

The night before you sleep is paramount to your sleep and it’s fulfillment. Keep in mind these points before you sleep:

1. Avoid coffee, red wine

These are stimulants, and ensure that body remains alert. This hampers the possibility of a good night’s sleep.

2. Calm down before going to bed

Clear out all the worries from your head and try and remain calm, a few deep breaths maybe. Meditate, pray or do whatever you want to do. Just try and relax the body before you sleep.

3. Don’t eat right before going to bed

Never have dinner or something to eat right before you go to bed. It takes some time for the digestion process to take place and hence you should directly lie down after eating.

4.Go to the toilet

It’s very important to empty your bladder before going to sleep. It sometimes happens that we feel we don’t need to, but still we should try and empty as much as we can. This ensures that you won’t need to wake up in between and so you will a good, uninterrupted full night’s sleep.

While you are sleeping:

1. Right temperature

It’s important to set the right temperature before you sleep. It should neither be too cold nor too hot. It is important to try and find a balance. Sleep without any clothes but use a heavy blanket, keeps the temperature quite consistent.

2. Ventilation

It is advised to open a window at night. Open it a little so as to flush out the carbon di oxide and help with ventilation.

3. Consistent sleep

It is important to get a uninterrupted, resounding sleep. Also you need to fix you rlseeping pattern. Sleep and wake up at the same time everyday, even on weekends. You always don’t need 8 hours of sleep. But the pattern should be consistent.

When you wake up:

1. Water

Drink a glass of water or lemon water when you wake up. This helps in starting your metabolism and also helps in waking you up.

2. Get up instantly

Do not snooze the alarm. Wake up at once and feel fresh and alert. The more you stay at bed after your sleep has been disrupted, the more lazy you feel afterwards. Washing your face with water as soon as you get up helps in removing the sleepiness.

3. Exercise

Exercise on an empty stomach, before your breakfast. Go for a jog or a run, whatever you like. This alerts your body fully, and you feel as fresh as ever.

4. No coffee

Caffeine leads to addiction so it’s better to avoid the morning coffee and shift it to sometime when you feel tired or fatigued during the day.

5. Empty your bladder

It’s important to empty you bladder, as the digestion system works while you sleep and all the toxic materials need to be flushed out of our system right after we awake up. This ensures we feel light and also hungry for a good and delightful breakfast.