Desire cardio benefits? Pump the heart rate by a jog or walk!!

Need a svelte and shaped up figure? Exercise is the answer!! So what do you grab- jogging or walking. It’s a sheer ordeal to lose weight by balancing the correct blend of an exercise regime and a diet schedule. But go for it, people.

With exercise the calories are burnt, muscles start to build up and body becomes strong. Walking and jogging help increase the heart rate. These two exercises engage all the muscles in your body in activity. The breathing becomes labored and we take in more oxygen. But the question arises, what is better, a rapid jog or a brisk walk session? Keeping fitness paramount in mind, lets weigh the two.

Oxygen levels

Have you ever wondered why heart rate gets raised while running? The heart rate elevates and each time the foot stamps on the ground hard, the diaphragm faces a pressure. The diaphragm controls the respiration process of body and when it gets compressed it becomes difficult to breathe easily.

The heart tries desperately to catch up by pumping harder, in order to supply oxygen to muscles. Running also may cause injuries as you trod down the streets. Walking on the other hand is a relaxed slow exercise that puts lesser impact on the diaphragm. The lungs get a chance to gasp the oxygen in a better manner and the heart rate stays more controlled.

Meditative running

Have you ever looked at an athletic runner? They sprint along effortlessly and have a typically relaxed stance to their bodies as they constantly run forward. The sprinters use momentum and gravity to the maximum advantage making the activity meditative and therapeutic.

Need a leisurely pass time? Then walking is the answer to your prayers. Stroll along the beaches, the green parks, the roads. The calories are being burnt definitely as you walk along , maybe not as much as in running .Walking is the ideal way to opt for an “active lifestyle”, and you can slowly increase your pace.

Weight loss tool

Jogging burns the “cellulite laden” calories and helps release loads of endorphins. It is a great weight loss tool that helps relax the mind. Brisk walking has the same advantages and also helps protect the person from injuries incurred due to falls. This quick walking helps one in building up immunity and also helps one fight inflammation.

Many of our grand dads and grand mommy’s haven’t been slogging it out by running; they have tremendous shapes due to their regular nature walks.

Jogging targets the upper areas and it helps shape up the entire body per chance whereas walking puts a strain on the thighs, calves and hamstrings. They get tugged into shape and you can boast about a lean and well toned lower body.

Jogging affects the muscle mass as well as the excess calories. Walking tones up the body in general and builds up the muscles of the butt and legs. We can safely conclude that exercise in any form is great for the body. You just need to keep moving and wish the sedentary life a goodbye. Jog at a moderate pace and walk briskly without it being an agony for the body. All you have to do is tap on the cardiovascular benefits gained by the momentum full exercises.

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