Feeling blue? Resort to 6 foods to cure depression!

Feeling depressed…no one to talk to or share your feelings? Depression is a state of the mind which makes the person extremely low and blue, anxious, and aversion from activities they previously loved but now detest themselves from the feeling of self being. However, many people resort to comfort foods to overcome this mental state of mind.

Let us discuss in detail how some of the foods can temporarily lighten your mood and cure your depression. Foods which instantly make you feel better and good about yourself are termed as comfort foods by today’s generation.

Such kinds of foods contain ingredients which can immediately help you cure your depression scientifically. Though not a long term solution of depression, these comfort foods are sure to make your feel better. Some of the examples of comfort foods which are consumed by people to make them feel better are Ice creams, chips and cookies and fried foods.

Comfort foods can intensity cravings, and other physiological reactions like lethargy and irritability. These are not always the right choices to fight depression.

According to the nutritionists, the 6 types of good foods to cure depression are the ones discussed at length below, these foods help stabilise blood sugar, eradicates mood swings and also works on all the other factors which help influence how a person feels when depressed.

6 Foods to cure depression are as follows:
1. Chicken/ poultry/ eggs
Chicken is rich source of protein which helps boost your lost energy and also cleanses your mind. An essential amino acid called tyrosine helps in reducing the risk of mood swings.

Eggs are rich in Vitamin B and protein. Vit B rich foods help lessen the severity of depression symptoms. Vit B6 and B12 help improve neural function, thus helping the way the mind governs the body. Eggs can be consumed in any form, scrambled, boiled, as a salad topper helps you keep satisfied for a longer time thus maintaining the body blood sugar.

2.Almonds/ nuts and seeds:
Almonds and other nuts are rich in magnesium. This mineral found in ones body helps in the production of a feel good brain chemical called “serotonin”, thus effecting the overall energy production in the body. The unsalted and unsweetened varieties of nuts can be great and healthy alternatives to processed snack foods.

Foods rich in magnesium are black beans, spinach and potatoes.

3. Cold-water fish/ seafood:
Seafood and cold water fish like Salmon, Tuna, Harding, Pollock etc are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help fight the free radicals, one of the most prominent causes of depression. Fish also termed as “Brain food” helps increase the nerve function and the membrane quality of the brain matter, thus consumption of such foods instantly makes the person fresh and light.

Fish also helps stabilising blood sugar, thus consuming small portions of it along with meals will lighten a persons mood.

4. Milk/ green tea:
Including milk and other milk products like curd in your daily meal can help fight depression in the long run. Consuming milk helps to reduce the free radicals in the body enabling the person to feel free and positive. Great source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Caffeine should not be consumed in the milk, however green tea helps focus the mind and also calms the body. Tea leaves contain an amino acid called “L-theanine” which helps to stimulate the brain waves. Other alternatives to green tea include: Hot/ brewed green tea-including flavored varieties like jasmine green tea or berry green tea.

Carbohydrates should not be completely removed from your diet because of the popular belief that it helps in weight gain. As they take longer time to digest, they don’t increase the blood sugar levels instantly. Complex carbs and healthy carbs are present in legumes, cereals and whole grains should be consumed to cure the symptoms of depression, as they contain brain chemical called “serotin” which helps reduce mood swings.

However, in contrast avoid packaged, processed foods which instantly spike blood sugar levels and gets digested immediately thus enabling the body to respond to over secretion of insulin causing mood swings, cravings, lack of concentration and food addiction.

6.Dark chocolate:
The final food which would help and uplift the mood is dark chocolate. The cocoa contains brain chemicals like serotin, dopamine, phenylethlamine in huge quantities, making dark chocolate very rich in anti depressant properties.

Before you seek professional help by introducing therapies and other measures to overcome this mental state, try out the above mentioned foods for reviving yourself and rejuvenate your state of mind. It’s definitely worth trying, what say?

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