Tips for a healthy monsoon! Prevent illnesses!!

Love the sparkling water droplets falling on your body in the blistering heat? We love them too but be careful of the monsoon health woes that these raindrops maybe lugging around. Read on for some useful weather tips to prevent common infections during the rainy season.

It’s the humid weather, stagnant water pools, and the rapid temperature fluctuations that can cause heath hassles like malaria, diarrhea, cold flu, typhoid, water infections and skin rashes. So we need to stay guarded and follow a few ground rules:

Water intake

The toxins that collect in the body need to be flushed out and the hydration levels maintained all through the day, so don’t forget the elixir of life- Water. Water cleanses body and flushes away bacteria and germs from the body. So drain the sickness away with a glassful.

Maintain hygiene standards

Cleanliness habits are of paramount importance in the rainy season. The hands need to be regularly cleansed and washed with soap and water. You can add a sanitizer to your personal hygiene safety regime. Dirty hands promote diarrhea. The vegetables and fruits we eat need to be washed properly before consumption. Stay away from the foods sold by the road side vendors. Contaminated foods can lead to typhoid.

Have a shower after a rain bath

Take a shower right after a rain bath. Any drastic change in body temperature leads to the development of diseases. The shower water spray helps in stabilizing the body temperature slowly from cold to normal as you dry the body after shower. Follow some basic rules like keeping away from a chilly air conditioned room after a cold shower.

Take some vitamin C

A healthy supply of the “common cure reliever” vitamin C helps built up the army of antibodies that help to keep the cold viruses at bay. Research has hinted that regularly taking vitamin C helps prevent cough and cold. Vitamin C can be taken as a supplement or in natural forms.

Have hot drinks

Vegetable soups, ginger tea, hot milk, teas and other hot drinks keep the colds away. They help protect the body against the instant changes in temperature and thus help protect from diseases. But remember to limit the intake of coffee as it has a dehydrating action on the body.

Keep the insects away

The water clogging leads to the sudden appearance of insects. While sleeping make sure you use mosquito nets , insect repellent creams, etc to keep the house pest free.

Reduce smoking

You may feel the small amount of heat with each cigarette puff. But the cold season attacks the respiratory system and so does the cigarette smoke. So reduce your dependency on the butt during the monsoon season.

Try to grab some shelter if it starts to rain or keep yourself covered with some rain proof gear for protection.

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