Health centres at NMC(Nagpur Municipal Corporation) has no facility for rooms, nurses

It is really shocking to see no basic medical services provided to the urban primary health centres or health posts and the reproductive and child health centres (RCH) by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation(NMC).

These health centres have been established under the government schemes but the facilities they provide is less than minimalistic. Since the time the health centres have been established, there has been no appointment of any nurses at the health posts.

Not only the availability of staff, these centres lack the basic medical supply of medicines and injections. Organising Health camps is yet another far fetched dream for these health centres.

It was earlier exposed that the NMC’s medical officers are not officers in reality but are the compounders or the pharmacists at the epidemic control hospital. With the help of government grants, the civic establishment runs on 59 centres, dispensaries and hospitals, including 12 health posts and 10 RCH centres.

The health centre’s basic aim is to provide medical help and services to all the available urban families close to these locations. Out of the total 59 centres, 22 of them are to deal with the crucial maternity and children health care.

Committee by health officer-Dr Savita Meshram:
According to a committee headed by health officer Dr Savita Meshram, the health department report mentioned that no such provisions have been made as per the NMC’s budget for the purchase of medical supplies.

She also mentioned in the report that, “The 10 RCH centres were established in 2007-08 and 12 health posts set up in 2009-10. Budgetary provisions are required to provide medicines at these centres. Funds of Rs2 lakh each for RCH centre and Rs3 lakh each for health posts should have been set aside in the budget. At least Rs1 lakh more is needed for each for the 59 establishments to purchase furniture, stationary etc”.

Grants for the health centres stopped
The grants for the health centres were stopped as the conditions mentioned by the NMC in the health scheme were not met. This was clarified by the ruling party leader, Praveen Datke too who said that the lapse of the grant was on the part of the government. “Grants have not been provided for the last two years. Even RCH centres will have to be closed due to lack of grants.”

“These centres are for maternity and child care. Nurses are mandatory for these centres. But there has not been any recruitment till date. There are several other such problems at these centres”, Praveen Datke added.

Opening of Health centres at Jaitala and other near by areas has been restricted by the NMC and so Congress leader Praful Gudadhe for the public interest of the people at Jaitala facilitated a room at his own cost.

“Doctors appointed on temporary basis are giving dedicated service. However, medicines, injections and other basic equipments is not provided at all. People from the nearby slums are totally dependent upon these centres, and attention should be paid to such centres”, said ruling party coordinator Parinay Fuke.

“It’s the responsibility of the civic body to hold such camps, especially in monsoon and summer, to prevent spread of viral infections. My ward has slums in 75% area and nothing is being done for medical services here”, said BSP corporator Ajay Dange, regular demands to conduct Heath camps has also not been responded by the NMC.

RCH nodal officer Dr Anil Chiwane said medicines are regularly provided at the centres, denying all the allegations said, “Medicines are falling short due to seasonal camps held here. We now expect a lot to change with the introduction of the central government’s National Urban Health Mission (NUHM)”.

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