Is your partner too good to be true? Watch out for ROCD (relationship obsessive compulsive disorder)

ROCD forms a part of obsessive compulsive disorder that aims mainly on your relationship.
Ever thought that your partner is that ‘perfect’ someone you have been dreaming off? If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend who loves to leave you little notes here and there when he/she is not around, messages you over phone constantly and wants an update on your whereabouts constantly, then here are some signs that you may want to watch out for:

1- He/she gets a little over board: if your partner gets mood swings suddenly when they are with you, then you should not just let it pass away. A light push or a playful punch is okay, but if it becomes painful or leaves bruises then watch out.

2- Your partner hates ‘every’ friend you have: not liking some of your friends whether it’s your male friends or female friends is natural. But if your partner hates every friend that you have and keeps you as far from them as possible then you should worry. Your partner is not being just possessive here.

3- Your partner wants to know where you are ‘always’: it is a great feeling when your partner watches out for you. But if they start to give you mini attacks every now and then by showing up suddenly or calling you continuously, then don’t waiver it off.

4- Does your partner get possessive?: many people love the way their partners get all jealous and grumpy, it shows that they really care for you and love you. But if he/she starts getting possessive and violent over you for other peoples fault then it’s a red signal.

5- Your partners ex likes you: in normal cases an ex would never want to meet his past lover’s new found love. But if he/she doesn’t mean that you are all charming or amazing, it might probably mean that he/she is grateful that you took off his burden.

People who suffer from ROCD often don’t display any sign of this disorder, what so ever. Unlike other problems, ROCD cannot be seen at person’s face. Even in an ongoing relationship, one may not be able detect his/her partner’s problem right away. If you are in love with a person suffering from ROCD then instead of giving up, reach out for help and cure them.

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