Living a lie: diet tips can put your life at risk.

How many times have you looked at yourself into the mirror and hated yourself for not prizing a physique that your favorite actor/ actress possess? The desire to look better and appeal to the crowd never leaves our society. That is why people nowadays, wake up early morning, put on their jogging shoes and go for a brisk walk and avoid oily food.

Being health conscious is not bad at all, but going to extreme ends to become slim can prove to be really dangerous. If you are constantly looking at search engines hoping to find methods to become slim, make sure you read this first.

Most of you are probably willing to give anything in order to attain that perfect figure people tend to drool over. The trend of the zero figure is not very old, but there are diet tips over the net that promise a lot but appear as a traitor in the end when you see the results. In modern India, the ancient thought that states that ‘healthy person represents a well to do family’ is long forgotten. Instead, the zero figure fire is burning the nation to ashes. If you find tips on the internet saying any of the following and promising you the results you desire then beware:

1. Consume fibres: we all have heard of the benefits of a fibre powered diet. But did you know that excess of it can result in dehydration, flatulence and difficulty in consumption of other nutrients? If not, then you ought to consult a dietician immediately.

2. Artificial sweeteners: if you are consuming artificial sweeteners impressed by the television commercials that turn a week unhealthy person into a hunk within seconds then stop right here and know that you are risking to possible blindness, seizures and brain damage.

3. Purging: just like laxatives, purging is a method in which one forces himself to eat in excess that results into vomiting. This method can result into complete depletion of essential nutrients like potassium and vitamins from the body.

4. Excessive jogging or running: if you think that your daily jogging regime will make you look like a film star then you are wrong. Running will only help other aspects of your body like building your calf muscles and boosting your stamina. And excess of it will just make your body break itself down. Don’t believe it? Consult a health specialist.

The list is endless. Taking slimming pills, or slimming tea will never help you. Just make sure you eat well and exercise as recommended by an expert. Don’t go with what you hear. After all, miracles happen only in television commercials or with film stars.

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