Make your dog swallow a pill easily: this is how you can do it

Making your pets especially your dog swallow a pill, is a nerve wrecking process. But since you care about him/her you are left with no choice. So here are a few tips that can make this task a bit easier for you.

1- Hide the pill in the dog food: by hiding the pill in the dog food you can easily feed it to him as he won’t notice any foreign substance entering his mouth.

2- Roll the pill in a slice of meat: dogs crave for meat. Rolling the pill in a thin slice of meat will help you make them swallow the pill.

3- Hide the pill in peanut butter and feed it to him: peanut butter has a sticky texture, hiding the pill in the peanut butter will keep it stuck inside the butter so the dog won’t be able to take it out and will have to swallow it.

4- Crush the pill:another method is to crush the pill and dissolve it in water.

5- Pill push method: open your dog’s mouth, hold his or her lower jaw open. Put the pill on the back of your dog’s tongue. Hold its mouth shut until he or she swallows. If the dog licks his/her nose after that, this will mean he or she has swallowed the pill.

6- Dissolve the pill in milk: dogs love drinking milk as we all know. Dissolving the pill in their milk will make them avoid the taste of the pill.

Follow these easy tips and make help your dog swallow a pill.

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