Mid-day meal horror re-run at Delhi Municipal Corporation school

This is another shocker!! A Municipal Corporation school in North Delhi was trampled once again by the mid-day meal trauma. It’s the staff, who suffers this time, as they fell sick after consuming the food and had to be rushed off to a hospital for treatment.

The mid-day meal catastrophe repeats

The problem is that the authorities always act after the damage has been done. Maybe the recent Bhilwara district incident wasn’t enough for the officials. Another incident took place on Tuesday, when the teachers and school principal in a Municipal Corporation school in North Delhi ate the mid-day meal and all 4 including the principal ended up with a severe stomach ache.

They had to be taken to the hospital and were admitted for treatment. This jostled the authorities to halt the mid day meal supply to the primary school.

Contaminated food?

The primary school is in Sector 21, Rohini and falls in the northern part of Delhi. The mid-day meal was made available by the Maitri Research and Development Foundation and this food was then savored by the principal, two members belonging to the NGO and the teacher who had the charge of the mid day meal program.

The sampling of the cooked food was done almost half an hour before the meal was to be given to the children studying in the school. The stomach complaint and the dizziness spells faced by teacher Sonika Dahiya and the others prompted the principal Usha Mehta, of the primary school to stop distribution of the mid-day meal that was made of chana and halwa. Then they packed off the samples for laboratory testing.

At the moment no one is available for comment as Principal is also on sick leave and is said to be unwell. The Government sanctions 250 grams food stuffs that will amount to about 450 calories and about 12 grams of protein daily.

The NGO Maitri Research and Development Foundation still were unrelenting and continued to deliver the food products. It’s time for the authorities to rise from their slumber as many children have already suffered enormously due to the contaminated food products.

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