Oh!Oh! Leave that chocolate alone, No emotional eating!

Are you depressed and upset and find an excuse to pop those yummy food goodies in your mouth? Are you bitten hard by the “emotional eating bug”? A small piece of whipped cream, cheesecake, or ice cream, makes your hands stray. Now, wait a minute don’t get tempted by the fatty delights, its not a healthy habit, you are resorting to “emotional eating”.

Emotional eating bug

The fat rich foods provide solace by helping perk up the mood. The most astonishing thing is that a person doesn’t even taste the fat stored in the food, it’s just the “palate” taste that counts. Emotions often influence our personal sensory perception targeted towards the food.

The pattern is just to go on eating food because your mind urges you to go on. So there goes your waistline, and your calorie control! So let’s just take a peek into some effective strategies to control emotional eating.

Let the emotions escape

Therapists often say that the best way to give a let out to suppressed emotions is to break or bash something. Pick up some cheap and useless crockery lying and throw them hard on the floor to smash them to smithereens.

Maybe this can liberate you of the emotional baggage you lug around every day. This will help release all the bottled up emotions, anxiety, sadness or anger. Watch a tearjerker to get rid of the stored up tears!

Stick to your chair

Do you rush off for a sweet soda water drink the moment the television flashes a commercial? Stay put say the experts. Just eat what you have in hand and stave off the extra helpings, please! We forget how much we are unconsciously stuffing into our bodies everyday just remember eating away the blues is not the solution.

Ration sweet and fatty foodstuffs

If they are there, they will sneak a way into your mouth for sure. We are talking about the calorie laden sweet meats hidden away in your refrigerators. Keep these “certain food delights” away from your home.

Stock up the larders instead on fruits and healthy foods . No one feels like making enormous efforts to get to a food , so keep the candies and sweets high up away from reach so that you pick the fruit or just don’t eat anything.

Don’t put off the decision to next day

If you have decided to stop and resist those calorie rich emotional foods, then don’t wait for tomorrow to say no, do it now! Just because you have overspent one day doesn’t mean you go on emptying your purse in all the days to come. Its time, to put a stop now to your eating.

Plan an activity when free

It’s the free time that one needs to channelize. Don’t give in to the urge to eat just to kill time make up a plan for an activity that you relish. These tips may help in control that urge to splurge on food.

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