Presumed dead woman struggles for life

21 year old M. Chethana of Chitradurga was presumed dead after a case of overdose of sedatives. The family members claim of noticing the woman breathing while on their way home from Manipal hospital. The girl now struggles for life in Nimhans.

Chethana was planning to go into civil services. 13 days back when she was celebrating her 67% score, who knew that the next day will bring a dark cloud over her life. Troubled with mild fever and insomnia, she went to a private nursing home. Administered anti-psychosis drugs she drowned into deep coma.

Soon she was shifted to Basaveshwara Medical College Hospital in Chitradurga. As there was no improvement in her condition, she was further taken to Kasturba Medical College Hospital. Being in a state of deep coma her condition worsened. As there was no sign of life shown by her, she was presumed to be dead by the family. But after sometime, the family members observed some movement in her legs and brought her to Nimhans.

Dr SR Mahalingappa, district health officer, Chitradurga, stated- “we’re yet not sure of the reason for her condition. The two suspected causes are the medicines administered and the dog bite a month earlier. We have temporarily cancelled the license of the nursing home where she was first treated till the inquiry is completed. A committee will look into the matter”.

“Chethana had fever when she was admitted to the Chitradurga nursing home. Her situation worsened after she was administered some injections” said T Prakash, a relative of Chethana. He added that Chethana was in a state of depression.

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