Stop! There’s poison in your plate.

How many times have you actually thought of whether the dish being served on your plates will make you healthy or will kill you as a slow poison? Well no one really pays attention on the nutritive facts on seeing their mouth watering dish in front of them.

All they want to do is break down on it with their forks and knives and finish it up till the last bit. But what if you come to know later that what you ate and relished by licking your fingers had poison in it. Scary isn’t it? So to avoid that scary moment, read further.

These days 90% of the food items are adulterated. Fruits, vegetables, pulses, cereals, dairy products and even the poultry items nothing can be trusted. Factories and individuals dealing in the food production industry have money making as their main objective. Welfare of the people is something they are least bothered about. There have come up many cases of adulteration in India; still there is no sign of relief from it.

If you care for the well being of your family and loved ones then better be vigilant now, else it might be too late to save them from going away from you forever. Use all your senses when you are set out on your shopping of food items. Search on the web, you will find many ways of detecting various adulterants found in almost all that you eat.

Few basic adulterants are:

1- Saw dust artificially colored for tea

2- Sand, marble chips, stones for food grains and pulses.

3- Methanol for alcoholic liquids.

4- Fluoride for drinking water.

5- Paints etc for milk.

You will be shocked to know the effects of these adulterants on your health. Want to know? Here are few diseases- cancer, abortion, paralysis, brain damage, blindness, tumors, mental retardation and even death. Stop biting your nails in fear, buckle up and take actions against it.

Wherever you sense any kind of adulteration, don’t just let it go, instead go lodge a complaint against the individual or factory. Replace your local food with organic food as much as possible. Wash fruits and vegetables very nicely before you eat. Try simple experiments of testing adulteration in your food.
Just a little bit of vigilance and you can save your life as well as many more lives.