This apple wont keep the doctors away: how cellphones affect your health.

If you are the owner of the latest smartphone that your friends can’t resist request using, then this article can prevent you from risking your health. Latest study by Kent State University has revealed that people spending more time on their cell phones that ranges anywhere between 12 to 14 hours a day were less fit compared to those who spend about 1 to 2 hours per day over their gadget.

The fact that cell phones affect our health is not new to us. However, despite all the news and authentic surveys, getting oneself out of this glamorous world of smartphones and tablets seems impossible.

There was a time when people used phones just for one thing- talking. Those were the times when phones never had a screen to touch or apps to help us send free text or voice messages to our friends. Now, with the introduction of smartphones, the old trend of phones has changed. Small, pocket friendly wireless phones have evolved into huge touch screen devices that may be bigger than your hand.

No matter how friendly your latest smartphone may seem, it is slowly like a killer affecting your brain’s efficiency and risking your health. Reports show that people who are addicted to their cell phones find themselves spending their leisure time in activities such as playing inbuilt offered games and watching inbuilt movies. This prevents the person from taking part in phtsical movement as their whole world resides in that small electronic gadget. Moreover, with features such as calculator, dictionary and internet being offered in a phone, space for expanding ones knowledge by the method of ‘exploring’ is prevented. This restricts ones brain exercise and makes it dull.

It’s not that you should ditch your expensive phones, but what you need to do is invest your time in activities outside your phone too. For instance, go and meet your friends instead of laying back at your couch and messaging them.
After all wise was the person who quoted- ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. Do not end up becoming jack.