Age 7 is full of fun, frolic and pleasure: Study

It is often said that childhood is the best phase of life. No responsibility, no tension, a life full of fun and frolic.

Findings of a new study suggest that age 7 is the “golden age” when kids tend to be the happiest. ‘All play no work’ is the motto, and it probably works at that age.

Enthusiasm and Innocence
This age provides the “the perfect blend of childish enthusiasm and innocence,” claims the study, commissioned by Vaalia probiotic yoghurt.

The period between age 6 and 9 is the carefree ‘era’ when the joy peaks for the kids.

Dr Justin Coulson, lead author of the study noted that “Most children have boundless energy and lust for life – something that deteriorates as we become older and perhaps more jaded.”

“It’s a time before they have any worries and every day’s a different day,” said the author who added that this stage of a child’s life is a good period for the parents too.

Thereafter, children have their own set of worries; looks, school, friends et al. By age 11 or 12, stress of school and friendship creep in.

Research Methodology
The findings are based upon a study of 1014 parents. The study was conducted as a part of fundraising campaign for the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

“It is at this age that children are bestowed with boundless energy and enthusiasm, have retained a sense of awe and wonder with the world and remain uninhibited in their behaviour,” the Galaxy Research poll of parents revealed.

The poll also suggested that kids enabled parents remain young at heart. When parents play with kids, they are in fact recapturing their youth, concludes the study.