Berserk, errant crowd smashes up Ruby Hall Clinic in Pune

Aggression and chaotic moments rocked some areas of Pune on Tuesday morning. A Crowd of 40-50 people went berserk and angrily threw stones at the glass façade in Ruby Hall Clinic because they felt that the hospital had messed up the treatment of a young 19 year old.

Boy dies in hospital

The premises of the Ruby Hall Clinic rocketed with some angry outbursts Tuesday morning. Actually a 19 year old boy called Aman Galande, belonging to Vadgaonsheri, was admitted in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Ruby Clinic from the August 22nd.

According to the medical superintendent, Sujata Malik, at the Ruby Hall Clinic “The patient succumbed to septicemia around 2.30 am on Tuesday. His relatives took the body away around 8 am. After the body was taken away, a mob of 40 to 50 people gathered outside the hospital, hurled stones damaging the hospital’s exterior glass. The hospital staff ran for cover when efforts to pacify them went in vain. We have registered a complaint with the police.”

Septicemia is a life threatening infection due to a bacterial infection in the bloodstream and is very difficult to control.

Some livid people bombarded the glass façade with stones as they feared that it was wrong treatment by the hospital that led to the death of the boy. The Koregaon Park police had to intervene and register an offence against the hooligans but haven’t been able to pinpoint anyone directly, though the hospital has filed damages worth Rs 4.25 lakh.

Statement of kin

The kin of the patient have decided to take a safe stance and Aman’s aunt, Vatsala Ghule, has given a statement saying “We have nothing to do with the people who damaged the hospital property. We came to know about it after 11 am when we returned home after the cremation. We do not know those who pelted stones.”

The lady did say though that the hospital did not seriously provide the proper treatment stating “Aman did not die of kidney failure as shown on some news channels. The hospital is giving false information to the media.”

She further exclaimed that “Aman had pneumonia. The hospital conducted a blood test on August 24 to assess the severity of his condition as he had developed septicemia. But the report did not reach the ICU staff though it was ready the same day. Unaware of this, the hospital took the blood sample again on August 26 for the same test. Doctors later realized the mistake but tried to cover up by saying that they wanted to get the test done again. Two crucial days were lost in between and that’s precisely why my nephew died.”

She affirmed that the doctor confirmed “they would administer a high-end treatment which would filter the bacteria from the bloodstream. They told us that it would cost Rs 2.40 lakh. After we gave our consent, the doctors deferred the treatment saying the patient was not maintaining proper blood pressure hence the treatment could not be given. The report of the blood test was ready the same day, but it didn’t reach the ICU doctors. This led to the death of my nephew. When we alleged negligence, the hospital waived the outstanding hospital expenses of Rs 75,000 and even arranged an ambulance for us to take the body away.”

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