Cholera spreading its fear in Odisha

Odisha’s tribal dominated Rayagada is surfaced by cholera yet again. This was proved as nine out of ten samples of rectal swab of the patients in the district were tested to have the bacteria Vibrio cholerae.

The samples that were collected from patients since July 27 were tested at the Regional Medical and Research Centre (RMRC) field unit in Rayagada. The tests unfortunately confirmed the presence of the carrier bacteria, said the officials today itself.

Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO) (Rayagada) P K Das said, “Cholera affected patients are being treated and no casualty has been reported. The situation is under control. We are closely monitoring the situation”.

“Five out of the nine affected samples are from Padmapur block, three from Pitamahal on the outskirts of Rayagada town and one from Srinivasnagar”, he added.

“Adequate steps have been taken to check the disease and there is no need to panic. The district administration has launched a massive disinfection drive. Appropriate steps have been initiated to create awareness among the people”, stated a senior official.

The reasons responsible for cholera outbreaks consists of various causes including consumption of contaminated water, said a health expert adding the bacteria’s toxic shape increases in favourable climate.

Consumptions of contaminated water is one out of many more reasons, many other reasons include, consumption of junk food from unhygienic eating joints. Especially eating junk during rainy seasons can prove to be really harmful for people with low immune system, as they tend to catch up with diseases a bit quick as compared to people with a healthy immune system.

Cholera had earlier shown its harmful results in Rayagada district in the years 2010 and 2012 affecting many lives. Diseases like cholera and gastroenteritis had earlier feared Rayagada, Koraput and Kalahandi districts in the year 2007. Proper precautions need to be taken to keep cholera at bay.

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