Cut down women’s bladder cancer risk, include friuts and vegetables in your diet

A recent study led by a group of researchers from the United States suggests that major consumption of fruits and vegetables helps in reducing the risk of developing invasive bladder cancer in women.

At the University of Hawaii, the researchers stated in the Journal of Nutrition that they have studied data collected from 185, 885 older adults over a period of 12.5 years, Xinhua reported.

Nearly 152 women and 429 men have been diagnosed with invasive bladder cancer.

Having made the adjustments for variables related to cancer risk, for instance; the age, the researchers noticed that women who included a variety of fruits and vegetables in their diet faced the lowest bladder risk.

As per the judegement of the researchers, all those women consuming mostly the yellow-orange vegetables were at a 52 percent lesser risk of having bladder cancer compared to those women consuming the least amount of yellow-orange vegetables.

This US based study has also suggested that those women with the highest intake of vitamins A, C and E faced the lowest risk of bladder cancer.

The study found out that there are, almost no link between fruit and vegetable intake and invasive bladder cancer in men.

Researcher Song-Yi Park at the University of Hawaii Cancer said in a statement “Our study supports the fruit and vegetable recommendation for cancer prevention”.

“However, further investigation is needed to understand and explain why the reduced cancer risk with higher consumption of fruits and vegetables was confined to only women,” Park added.

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