Ignoring bone injuries now, will cost you later

Just when you wake up in the morning and stretch your arms, a crackling sound comes. Moving your neck sideways causes pain. But do you take all these indications seriously? No. Not taking bone injuries or aches seriously can lead you to hospital. Any kind of injury to bones or joints, be it minor, must not be ignored at any cost as they may sooner or later lead to osteoarthritis as stated by orthopaedics on National Bone and Joint Day in Hyderabad.

Generally people do not take incidences of falls and small injuries seriously. And when they start ignoring it, after a span of time, they start observing pain and marks over the injured areas. If they go to a doctor at the very first observance then well and good, but if they tend to ignore it then the deteriorating condition makes them hunt for joint replacement surgery that is strongly recommended by the surgeons as that is the last option left to keep them from being crippled or bedridden.

“In several cases the patient’s joints are completely degenerated either because the person is obese or has had a fall in the past which was not treated properly. In most cases, options are limited as medication stops being effective beyond a point. Knee replacement surgery has shown fantastic results in such cases”, said Dr. K.J. Reddy, chief joint replacement surgeon, Apollo Hospital.

In India, nearly two million people suffer from bone and joint problems but none care to seek for medical help.

We must have an intake of at least 1,000 mg of calcium in daily diet. Too much alcohol and carbonated drinks prevent calcium from being absorbed in the body which leads to weak bones. Exposure to morning sun for 15 to 20 minutes daily helps absorb Vitamin D, which keeps bones healthy, says Nutritionist Sujatha.

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