Inspirational Asna, defeats her disabilities and proves that she is no less!

The six-year-old girl, Asna, who had lost her right leg in a terrific bomb explosion while she was enjoying her fun moments, playing in front of her house in Kannur, had to go through political violence that had barred the district. But now when she joins MBBS, after a span of twelve years, at the Kozhikode Government Medical College, blessings are being showered from all the corners of the country.

Not only Asna but also her brother Anand and mother Shantha were injured in this scary incident. Asna’s leg was completely destroyed so had to be amputated. Since that devastating day, life became cruel and tortuous for this girl. Being a daily wage worker, her father Nanu could not afford the expensive treatment. But as we say god always helps his people, many people with a golden heart came out to help her and proved that angels do exist. They somehow collected an amount of Rs.15 lakh for Asna’s treatment, and fortunately a political party took in interest in building a house for the family.

Since the day she left the hospital, Asna was on a prosthetic leg. The leg according to the doctors had to be changed many times all these years as she grew up. The cost of the leg every time neared rupees eighty thousand. Really sad but it’s true that it takes her almost a month to get familiar with the new leg every time. Because of her new leg she’s hardly able to walk properly for long and at times wearing the leg is very painful. Despite of all the difficulties, Asna did very well in her studies. She scored the 18th rank in the category for differently abled in the medical entrance examination, and deservingly, Asna was allotted a seat at the Kozhikode Government Medical College.

For people who have been cheated upon by life, Asna is an inspiration.

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