News for Infertility: Baby Boy Born to Bay Area woman; 19 Years after it was conceived!

This is attention-grabbing ladies!! All those women who have been facing infertility issues must read this.

Well it’s about Kelly Burke and her baby which has grabbed the attention of a multitude of 40+ women.

Of Course, this is an age when women grapple with many issues but the biggest issue for someone who has prolonged childbirth is infertility. The same was happening with the NASA research scientist. Amid this chaos and confusion of infertility, she came across the second oldest cryo-preserved human embryo in history.

So, she knew what she had to do. It so happened that a couple in Oregon had donated their eggs to the Reproductive Science Center of the Bay Area (RSC) 19 years ago. The couple successfully gave birth to fraternal twins from this procedure.

Burke and the couple had a conversation over the matter. After scores of discussions, it was finally decided that she would be adopting the embryo. The process of open adoption started immediately.

According to Burke, “Embryos are not easy to come by and the opportunity came unexpectedly. I was excited by the idea of carrying my child.” Even a reproductive endocrinologist at RSC, Dr. Deborah Wachs, said, “We were all very excited about the procedure.” So, after completion of the adoption process, she adopted four frozen embryos.

The doctors started their work. They thawed four frozen embryos they had obtained from the IVF procedure that the couple had undergone 18 years ago. After consulting her attorney, Burke decided to adopt the embryos.

In 2012, she got the embryo implanted into her body. Now, Burke has her baby in her hands and she loves his sight. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Liam James.

After the birth of the baby, the officials at RSC said, “The embryo donors and Kelly agreed to have an open embryo adoption, which means her nine-month-old will one day have the chance to know his fraternal siblings who are now in their teens.”

Like all women, who have infertility issues, Burke tried conceiving a child at an age of 39. But sadly she was not successful and eventually decided to go for adoption.

The hope of conceiving may not have reached its final turf but she’s happy now. So, there is a solution for you all who’re fighting infertility issues. So, relax and take care.

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