Rape in Mumbai:Punish them!! Bold photo journalist bounces back to live life!

Tattered womanhood!!The shocking news of the rape in Mumbai has raised the shackles of the whole nation. People were stunned at the mauling hooligans who were responsible for this gory task. The recognition efforts made by the young photojournalist got three of the culprits behind bars but two still have to be brought to task. Meanwhile the lady smiles on and says “Rape is not the end of life, I want to join soon”.

The rape victim

Hats off to the brave girl who longs to get her life back on track. She is thrilled that 3 out of the 5 accused have been arrested, but she still is searching the media for news of the absconding two.

As the police authorities are all geared up to carry out the DNA testing of the offenders ,The photojournalist was heard muttering to her mother “I am happy the third culprit has been apprehended,” as she rested in Jaslok Hospital, at Peddar Road, where she rests in a VIP room.
She is keeping her fingers crossed for the arrest of the remaining two as her eyes stare at the news channels on television.

The hurt girl admitted to the National Commission of Women office-bearers about her concern regarding the attackers possessing the evidence of the assault in the form of pictures and video clippings. The police have given a statement that they have discovered a close mobile photograph of the traumatized girl.

Punish them

The gritty youngster, is on a rampage of anger and wants the criminals to be put behind bars for a lifetime , but at the same time wants to start her life fresh as she says that a photo assignment awaits her .

She sent a message stating “Rape is not the end of life. I want strictest punishment for all the accused and want to join duty as early as possible.” The brave girl may be indisposed at the moment but is strongly retaliating to the unjust attitude of these law breakers. She is still having a lot of body ache but seems to be travelling on the road to recovery.

Nirmala Samant Prabhawalkar, a member of the National Commission for Women who interacted with the girl said “She is recuperating from her injuries and trauma. She is still not completely out of trauma but she is composed.”

Talking about the progress showed by the photojournalist, Jaslok Hospital has decided to put the minds of the people at rest by issuing two press releases about the health of the rape victim “The patient’s condition has further improved and she is interacting with family members. However, we are continuing to monitor her health from all aspects of care.”

The sources at the Hospital feel that the girl may be recovering fast enough to leave the medical area but her family feel she definitely needs to get counseling.

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