Steaming cup of coffee or Sprayable energy through spray-on caffeine?

Now won’t that be a tantalizing smell? A coffee spray for the neck? That actually is quite far off from the fabulously smelling citrus and musky sprays. Then why a coffee fragrance, let’s find out the main concept behind this!

Coffee spray research

This is actually a very far off thought, coffee was always made for sipping away for an energetic splash but two graduating students from Harvard had a different story to tell. As they “struggle with caffeine sensitivity,” they went to the IndieGoGo, a crowd funding site, which is like the Kickstarter, and in 24 hours managed to rake in about $15,000. They still have about 40 days left to collect the amount they want and have managed to gather $ 17000 for further research purpose.

Sprayable energy

Talking about their product the two posted and proclaims “Our revolutionary spray gives you energy through your skin without the jitters, crash, chemicals, & cost of other caffeinated products.”

The two grads admit that they have created “Sprayable Energy”, which has no questionable ingredients, no sugars, and no calories. The Sprayable Energy doesn’t cause any shakes or jitters!
Talking about their theory “When you spray on your skin, the caffeine permeates the skin and enters circulation at a steady rate gradually over time.”

This was the researchers’ way of dealing with the energy drink crashes and jitters and they commented, “Can’t stand the roller coaster ride of jitters and crashes you get from energy drinks and coffee? Sprayable Energy is for you. By going straight through the skin to circulation, we’re able to eliminate a ton of the disadvantages that come with the traditional ways to get your energy.”

Need to get familiar with 40 cups of coffee spray the bottle away! But wait a minute what if you spill it on the body? Yu and Soni have formed a testimonial video that has been uploaded with a girl claiming that she likes the portable product but nowhere is it shown that the product is being used! We leave the choice to you a steaming cup of coffee or a coffee spray!

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