Surgical prowess creates miracle! Conjoined twins separated

Medical miracle recurs! Two conjoined baby boys belonging to Russellville , Arkansas, who were linked from chest to their belly buttons have been successfully separated by experienced doctors after an agonizing surgery that took almost 9 hours. The family of the conjoined twins is ecstatic with joy seeing the boys safe and sound.

Surgery miracle

The medical fraternity introduces another medical miracle to us, the doctors have performed another amazing surgery on two baby boys who were joined from chest to the belly and were also had an interconnected intestinal tract and liver. The surgery took almost nine hours.

There was a time when the parents of the twins had opted for medical termination of the pregnancy when they got to know about the conjoined status of their unborn child but it was the Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas, Texas, that gave them a way out. The couple belongs originally to Russellville, Ark., and out of them Jenni Ezell stated “January 3, we found out we were having twins and we were blown away.”

Conjoined twins

The March 1st, wasn’t a pleasant day for David Ezell and his wife Jenni , and the thrill of the pregnancy was lost on the couple, when they got to know that were actually expecting conjoined twins. Sadness and fear overtook the two when they got to know that there was a sad future for the twins, there was no hope for the babies.

As Jenni relives the moments, she says “We didn’t think they had a chance and we thought that they were not going to make it at all.” An abortion was not possible because the doctor at the local clinic suspected some complications. The parents were then sent to the Medical City for experienced consultation.

David’s mother Carol Ezell who stays in Sherwood said “Thank the good Lord we didn’t have to deal with what we were afraid of and that was there was the fear of burying the babies.”

Emmett and Owen as the babies are fondly named were taken under the scalpel and after nine hours the doctors successfully separated the intestinal tract the liver. The family is grateful to the doctors for performing this miracle and a emotionally moved Jenni could not control her tears as she blurted out “It’s the most wonderful feeling. I’m just so happy that they’re here and they’re alive and they’re thriving.”

The parents haven’t had a chance to connect physically with the babies but the moment is not for for sure. The babies are still healing and it is unpredictable when the doctors give them the permission to go back to their house, but we are sure the family will be playing with their little bundle of joys soon!

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