Weight control struggle? Grab diet book, get active, fix metabolism

Great news folks! There is hope for the people who are struggling to lose weight and then maintain it that way. The mess is where we forget to exercise and then force the metabolism to go sluggish!!

Get physical

Experts say that obese people end up in the state because of lack of physical activity. This affects the metabolism and thus adds on the calories. James Hill and Holly Wyatt are two researchers whose primary focus is obesity, found out that it’s the lack of exercise and its effect on the metabolism that leads to this condition.

Quite confident about it , Hill, founding executive director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado in Denver stated “Not everyone agrees with me, but I believe that obesity starts with a lack of movement.” According to the researchers, the moment people give up physical activity, changes in body take place that, make the person’s appetite go crazy, slows down the metabolism, and makes them pre-disposed to the wrong kinds of foods.

”State of Slim”- diet book

Wyatt and Hill have come out with a new diet book called, “State of Slim, Fix Your Metabolism and Drop 20 Pounds in 8 Weeks on the Colorado Diet”. The book written with Christie Aschwanden, has tips that advice the people how to maintain their lost weight and also how to keep their metabolism active.

The process by which the food in the body is converted to energy, and then the optimum use of this energy is all what metabolism is about! According to Hill,” It’s more than just how many calories you burn — it’s how you use different types of foods including protein, carbohydrates and fat.”

The right way to maintain metabolism

It’s the exercise and physical activity that helps in balancing the appetite and maintain the metabolism in the body. Hill insists that about 70 minutes of physical activity of a moderate intensity may be the answer to maintenance of ideal weight. These activities include biking, brisk walks, playing tennis, swimming etc for at least 6 days in a week.

The physical activity will help in burning the extra calories added to the body says Hill. He further stated “the basic threshold of activity necessary to rebuild your metabolism so you can stop stockpiling fat and prevent unwanted pounds from creeping up on you.”

The diet book highlights the theory that “When you have a flexible (healthy) metabolism, your body efficiently burns whatever kind of food you eat. When you have a inflexible (unhealthy) metabolism, your body doesn’t switch very rapidly between types of fuel (carbohydrates, fats, protein), and it’s during these periods when it doesn’t switch quickly that your body accumulates fat,” claims Hill.

Metabolic flexibility is the answer he insists. Hill assures that “If you are currently overweight and inactive, you probably have an inflexible metabolism. To fix it and keep it operating at a high level you have to make physical activity a regular part of your day”. It’s the type of fuel burnt that makes a difference folks, rather than the amount, say the experts!

So grab about 70 minutes of a moderate exercise pattern daily and wear a pedometer and set a “step target” of 7000 steps.

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