Chaz Bono Dancing With the Stars Contestant, now 65 lbs skinnier!

Last year Chaz Bono tipped the scales at 250 pounds! Since then, the 44-year-old son of Cher has slimmed down drastically. The former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant has ditched 65 pounds!

Chaz Bono’s brand new, considerably svelte figure caught eyeballs in May when he had shifted 60 pounds. He continued shedding weight steadily and today clocks at an amazing 65 lbs. The impressive feat was achieved thanks to the inspiration of support of his family who were worried sick about how much weight he’d gained over the years.

“My family was concerned about my health and now everyone is really happy,” he said. “They can also see how much better I feel and how much happier I am.”

Health journey began with DWTS
Chaz started mulling over is excessive weight during an episode of DWTS, when he realized that his body had become an “obstacle” and there was a dire need for him to do something to change it.

“That episode was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been on television in my life,” Bono, who weighed 250 pounds at the time, told People magazine in February. “I had been wanting to lose weight. It was something I had been trying to do and failing at. This opportunity just kind of came in, and my initial reaction was ‘absolutely not.’ And after that, the more I thought about it, I realized I’ve been wanting to deal with this issue and somebody’s willing to help me do it, so I decided to throw my pride away and get help.”

He embarked on his health journey last November, when he announced that he wanted to trim 50 pounds from his 250-pound frame. Three months, later he was 43 pounds lighter, all thanks to plenty of exercise and adherence to a diet of mostly meats and vegetables.

Comfortable, healthier& confident
Apparently, the road to health has been an uphill task, but Chaz is sure glad he took it. Today, Chaz shows off a slimmer and a more mobile frame having dropped nearly one-third of his body load.

Apart from improving his persona, he is reportedly healthier, in a lot less discomfort during workouts and other physical activities. The icing on the cake is that his weight loss has given him a lot of confidence and it makes him me feel rather cool!

“I just feel much more comfortable in my skin now,” Bono, 44, said on The Doctors, according to People magazine. “Everything is easier, everything physically is easier, everything feels better and, emotionally, I just feel more comfortable, more confident.”

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