Is Drug glorification by snazzy pop stars, justified?

Molly snatches lives, remember that!! The multi-day Electric Zoo music festival in New York was terminated because of 20 year Olivia Rotondo and 23 year old Jeffery Rush who abused Molly, a drug. As the pop stars profess by it, and the youth get carried away by it, we halt a while and ponder, are the drug professing stars doing the right thing?

Molly-the drug

Heard about the zip drug ecstasy? Molly is the necessary part of this street drug and has got its name from molecule. It was a shock when an EMS worker disclosed Rotondo’s words “I just took six hits of molly,’ after that Rotondo had been caught in the throes of a seizure and succumbed to death. Molly has become a favorite with gangs of rowdy youngsters. The city officials were duly concerned as drug overdoses had resulted in putting four more attendees in the intensive care unit.

In a music festival that was held in June, in Washington, dozens consumed Molly for thrill and had to undergo treatment. Reports also stated that a man had died due to the drug overdose at the fest.

Last week it was reported that during a concert a 19 year old girl in Boston died due to Molly drug overdose. From the data collected in 2005, the drug overdose cases have shown an increase of almost 123% today and the figures are still on the rise. In 2009, Molly or MDMA as it is also called took almost 22,816 people straight to the emergency rooms in the hospitals.

Stars sing for Molly

If you listen carefully to the Miley Cyrus famous song “We Can’t Stop”, you will hear the words dancing with Molly ring in your ears. As much as the Cyrus representative says that it is basically “dancing with Miley”, we do know the truth don’t we?

Another one not to be left out is the new single belted out by Kanye West that is called “Blood on the Leaves,” surprisingly also includes the phrase “when we tried our first molly and came out of our body.” Even his song “Mercy” sees Molly being mentioned. Madonna had once yelled to her Miami audiences “How many people in the crowd have seen molly?”

Dr. Hilary Levey Friedman, a sociologist, states “A drug like molly is deceiving because many think it’s safer than others, like cocaine, but death is possible even from the related form of ecstasy. That fact, combined with the previous Disney incarnation of Hannah Montana, creates a potentially toxic combination especially for young, female music fans.”

It’s an astonishing thing that the favorites of the people, the teenage icons, and ace singers are all harping on about a drug, have they never realized that their actions can ruin the life of many as they influence millions.

Dr. Jayson Calton explained the working of the drug and states that it is a sad state of affairs “it causes the body temperature to skyrocket to 105-106 and makes individuals more prone to heat stroke,” he further explained. “While the drug makes you love life, it can also make you lose life.”

So why then are some of today’s biggest pop stars intent on glorifying molly? Are they trying to inculcate a sense of belonging and acceptance from their peer group? This may actually be the reason behind the abuse, say the experts.

All in all the verdict is that each person is responsible for his or her own actions and as Anahita Sedaghatfar, an attorney says “People need to take individual responsibility,” for their behavior. We do know that singing about Molly has led to people losing out on contracts and hard cash!

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