New York aims to crackdown on ‘bath salts’

In a bid to crack the whip on unscrupulous elements selling a deadly form of the ‘bath salts’ drug, New York state officials intend to cleanse the city night clubs.

Drug dealers are reportedly disguising the potentially lethal bath salts and passing it on to gullible customers as the drug “Molly.”

Cause of recent deaths
Molly; an amalgamation of ecstasy and methamphetamine, is being made available at night clubs and university campuses across the city.

The drug has been the cause of several recent deaths. Some of the effects of using these bath salts include heart attacks, seizures, eternal brain damage and ruthless hallucinations. Experts say that bath salts may be as harmful as cocaine.

“I’ve seen some stories in the news where their have been some fatalities from it so it’s definitely something to make sure that you are staying away from and your friend are staying away from it,” said Angrea Lockhead of Weymouth.

Some case of violent behavior can also be traced back to the usage of these drugs.
“In fact, the drug is the same kind of dangerous narcotic that causes violence and death,” said Griffo, an Oneida County Republican.

Available despite ban
The need for immediate action is thus a necessity. The local authorities cannot allow deaths to happen because of the drug at rave parties.

“It took some tragic overdoses to finally put this drug in the headlines, but the reality is that bath salts have been an insidious danger responsible for an alarming spike in emergency room visits for the last several years,” said Cymbrowitz, a Brooklyn Democrat.

The Drug Enforcement Association had issued an emergency ban on bath salts in 2011; however they can still be easily procured on the internet.

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