Positive pregnancy tests on sale!

The latest buzz around- recently there has been noticed a flushing of Craigslist ads that are selling positive pregnancy tests.

As per the reports, in May, a woman in Buffalo had offered her positive pregnancy test for $25, as she knew of its dying demand.

Following her path, another woman in New Jersey placed hers for $25. Thinking that this might work in case you wanted to “get your boyfriend to finally raise up the question”.

What’s even more erking is that the sellers assure the buyers that they won’t ask questions as they are hardly bothered about what the tests are being used for.

If given a deep thought over the issue, a question pops up as to what purpose are these tests used for? There could be hidden some wrong motives behind this act…

Another ad from Conroe, Texas, branded by the website MediaTakeOut, clearly states that there are women out there searching for positive pregnancy tests, or we can term it as help.

However ads will continue to appear over the web, without any queries over the reasons. Having said that should we expect ads for negative pregnancy tests as well in future?

This can be coined among various business techniques. May be it’s a boon for the buyers or a boom for the society that we will see as the time passes by.

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