Analysis Suggest Consuming Coffee Might Lower Liver Cancer Risks

Based on the results published at Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, published from the year 1996 to 2012, on the meta analysis performed by a research team, it has been found that the consumption of coffee can lower the risk of HCC by 40 percent.

This study was conducted with 3,153 cases and about 16 top studies were performed within that period. The analysis was performed between two groups – one who had the habit of consuming coffee and another who did not drink coffee. The data of the study revealed that consuming three or more cups of coffee each day could lower the effects of cancer in the liver and risks associated with it by 50%.

According to the lead author of the study and Professor of Universitia degli Studi di Milan, Dr. Carlo La Vecchia, their research had confirmed past claims, which said coffee is best for liver and overall health.

He also said that the curable nature of coffee and its effect on liver cancer could be attributed with its potential ability to prevent a risky medical condition called diabetes. He also suggested that coffee could be applauded greatly for the immense curative effects on enzymes present in the liver and cirrhosis.

Italian researchers also said that even though the results regarding the study, population and time period were consistent in nature, they have a difficulty in establishing a connection between the habit of consuming coffee and HCC. They expressed their doubts whether the relation is owing to the fact that usually people with liver issues and digestive issues might minimize the frequency of coffee consumption.

Study details

La Vecchia and his team said that their research and its findings have filled an essential gap, which was left uncovered by the previous meta analysis held in 2007. With 16 top quality studies performed on HCC cases that add up to a total of 3,153 patients within a period between 1996 to 2012, the research team pooled estimates from 6 studies which were published after the year 2007 and compared with the ones available previously. The association between consumption of coffee and risks of HCC were consistent in nature irrespective of other factors such as history with hepatitis, liver disease, tobacco, alcohol and sex.

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