Doctor’s Rx: Have A Perfect Plan To Monitor The Media Usage Of Kids

American Academy of Pediatrics said that this digital age requires families to introduce a change regarding their media usage. This age has kids exposed to lot of gadgets such tablets, TV, Smartphones, computers and use many social media sites. This plays a prominent role in the everyday life of teenagers and kids living in America.

However, families have placed very less rules to manage the way their kids use the media. The academy also said that to maintain the well-being of younger generation, this approach of families must change and the largest physicians group advises the same for children of the nation.

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued a fresh and revised statement today, which recommended parents to arrive at a perfect media plan for media usage for their kids. This plan must focus not only on its quantity, but also about the quality and location used by the kids.

This should also monitor the use of media during the mealtime and bed time. This plan must also make sure that the kid’s bedrooms are free from various types of screen media such as tablets, TVs and computers.

The group focuses its recommendation to limit the screen time of total entertainment to less than two hours per day. It feels that this would also reduce the amount of media exposure to kids who are below 2 years of age.

The nationality representative survey conducted by Common Sense Media, a non profit advocacy group revealed that over 72% of kids who were aged 8 years or lower have made use of mobile phones for various purposes such as playing games, using apps and watch videos that has increased by 38% before two years. This also indicates that 17% of young kids make use of the mobile device everyday.

The pediatrics professor, University of Mexico and co-author of the statement by AAP policy, Victor Strasburger said that they were worried that many parents had no idea about the media usage by their kids or know how to regulate it with great care. This policy was released at the national conference of the group in Orlando, Fla.

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