Don’t let that tan hide your beauty! Follow these easy tricks

Every morning you are scared of stepping out of that door… as you know that something is waiting out there to paint you dark with its harmful rays. Yes I am talking about the sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are considered to be very harmful for your skin. It harms the skin in many ways like skin cancer, sun burns etc. But the most common problem faced by almost every person these days is that ugly tan caused by these rays.

Tan is the dark layer that forms on your skin causing your skin to become dark and uneven. Many of you must have noticed that the skin which is covered with your clothes etc is lighter than that which is exposed out to the sun.

Some people believe that tan is only caused when there is sun out there… this is totally wrong. Experts say that it is not just the sun that causes tan but any kind of bright light can cause tan… but in order to avoid that dirty tan we cannot stop stepping out for work and sit at home.

So to prevent or cure tan all you need to do is follow these tips and on a regular basis.

An easy way to remove recently developed tan is waxing. Get the affected area waxed from a salon or at home as is convenient and you will see the difference in your skin tone.

Soap bleach
Another easy trick for removing tan is soap bleach. Many people are unaware of this trick. Take a glycerine transparent soap, grate it in a bowl, take hydrogen peroxide, you can get it easily from the market for few bucks, add two spoons of it to the soap granules. Mix it well until it starts foaming then apply the mixture over the affected area, massage for ten minutes, rinse it off. You will see an instant relief. For best results, do this once a week. Do not try this on face.

Scrubbing with lemon slices
Slice a lemon, take the sides of the lemon and rub it over the skin. Do not use this trick for your face as it can cause irritation. Lemon has a bleaching agent. It works well on old tan. The older than tan is the longer it takes to remove it completely.

Readymade scrubs
There are ton of products out there that claim to remove tan… simply get a good scrub… a trusted brand, and stick to it. Usually it takes time and people think it doesn’t work, you need to be patient and let the product work.

Use fresh milk or lacto-bleach
Before boiling the milk take a little amount in a bowl, dip cotton in it and keep rubbing it all over your face until you notice some dirt dripping down your face. That is nothing but the tan and dirt accumulated in your skin. Do this daily. This works well for face tan removal. You can also use lacto bleach for this.

Mud pack with sandalwood and honey
Mud pack (also known as fuller’s earth or multani mitti) has been used since ages for bringing glow to your skin. Mix it with sandalwood powder and honey. Apply it over your face and massage in a circular motion every morning and night. Leave it on for sometime till it dries. Rinse off well. This not only removes the tan but also brings glow to your face.

Follow these tips and bring back your lost beauty. Fight back that ugly tan.

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