Frustrating Menopause! Can we get some respite? Read on

Irritated and jittery because of no reason? It may be menopause! A sympathetic doctor may carefully monitor the symptoms to find the cause as menopause but others may just not care enough to take menopause seriously enough and help you deal with this! Generally the doctors lack appropriate information and deal with menopause with trial and error efforts where as it needs accurate diagnosis.

Doctor casual about symptoms

Have you been diagnosed with period moodiness and prescribed with hormone replacement therapy or antidepressants? Take a rain check on the approach, and tell all the symptoms in detail to the doctor, learn about the side effects of the prescribed drugs. If you feel that you have not been attended to properly it’s better to change the doctor.

Is it menopause actually

Medical science says that it maybe menopause if a year has passed and you haven’t got your periods. The emotional and physical changes that can drive one crazy are actually perimenopause. After this the hormone productions start to go erratic. The periods may become heavy and become more frequent. One is surrounded by feelings of moodiness, bloating, breast discomfort or a “body breaking” feeling. The periods tend to become erratic just like a second adolescence.

Don’t fret there is a menopause blood test to confirm the diagnosis to a certain extent but generally the age group between 35-55 years and yours weepy cranky, bloating or behaving nastily you may be menopausal.

Night sweats and hot flashes

This occurs due to overtaxing of the natural hormone system of the body. As a result the body emits heat, blood vessels dilate, sweat glands open up, the heart rate increases, as a reaction. There are some trigger factors like sugar, caffeine, spicy products, acidic foods, tobacco, sauna baths, hot baths, aerobics, stress, anger and sex etc. Try to lose weight and cut down on stress factors by resorting to meditation etc. Drink water whenever a hot flash creeps on. Introduce magnesium, Vitamin D, calcium in diet to reduce hot flashes and prevent osteoporosis .

Mood swings

Turning nasty day by day? Remember they are your mood swings why should your family members go through hell. Note the days that are the toughest and most agonizing. Are you oversensitive, freaked out or depressed? Doctors at times do prescribe mood altering medications or anti-depressants. Yoga, nature walks, dance classes or meditations can help out here.

Sleep is effected

Sleep is commonly affected during this period. The pattern may be restless, loss of a deep slumber, insomnia . Just take a few common steps. Sleep in a well-aired, cool room. Keep adequate covering on the bed so that you don’t have to go searching for a cover in the middle of the night. Keep the lights very dim to avoid the glare. Follow a routine or schedule consistently.

Believe it or not sleep scheduling works. The last hour should be very relaxed, leave the computer alone and try to include an exercise schedule during the day but not just before sleeping. Don’t reach out for the caffeine-laden drinks or alcohol at all if you want a shut eye!

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