Implantable Gel to treat Diabetes!

Myunghwan Choi of Harvard Medical School in Boston and his colleagues have fabricated a gel that would be used in the cure of diabetes. This is an implantable gel that is characterized by genetically modified light-sensitive cells.

The scientists are confident that the implantable gel can treat diabetes. After scores of experiments conducted on mouse’s skin, the researchers made this statement that has echoed the diabetes arena. Though the gel is in its prototype stage but the scientists have already decided to make the product more accessible.

Myunghwan Choi has said, “We are thinking of adding a micro-LED with a wireless power receiver [to the gel implant].” So, more modifications are expected here.

During the course of the study, the light was catapulted at the mouse and the implanted gel with the aid of fibre optic cable fixed to its head. The scientists found that the light forced on the cells triggered a compound that resulted in the secretion of insulin and sustainable blood glucose levels.
So, the scientists are anticipating a number of benefits out of the implantable gel and are endeavouring to make it user-friendly.


Diabetes is a metabolic disease that includes high blood sugar levels. The reason behind the disease is either dearth of insulin or the body failing to respond to the produced insulin. The former one is type 1 diabetes, which is genetic and the latter one is type 2 diabetes, which relies on lifestyle.

The symptoms of diabetes are hunger, frequent urination and increased thirst. The disease is usually connected to heart diseases, hypertension and obesity.

Living with diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that is adaptable but with some variations. Even a little change in lifestyle can check the patients’ blood glucose levels and quell the symptoms to a large degree. Some changes in lifestyle such as diet and exercise, eschewing smoke and alcohol can help the diabetic patients in sailing through the disease regularly.

Hopefully, the implantable gel would bring a smile on diabetic patients’ face and reduce their problems to a good amount.

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