Say cheese! Whiten your teeth with the following tips

A smile reflects a thousand unspoken words. But does it reveal how hygienic you are? Yes! Of course! The two set of bright teeth you have are probably the most thirty-two precious pearls you have. But if yellow-ness of your teeth is keeping you from smiling then it is time to take some serious steps.

Here are some tips on how to keep your teeth white and bright:

1. Brush as frequently as you can
We are sure that you might have heard of this before. But the truth never changes, does it? Regular brushing will keep away the food deposits from staying in between your teeth which can further result in formation of cavities and yellowing of teeth.
When you brush after meals, not only does it help your mouth feel fresh but also gives you a fresh breath. You must have noticed people having bad breath, it is not because they don’t brush; it is because they either brush once or the gap between their brushing time is prolonged.
Regular brushing will make your teeth white (which is its natural color), bright and your mouth fresh.

2. Use a mouth wash
If you don’t use a mouth wash, it is time that you start using one. The best reason to use a mouth wash is simple–you cant take your brush everywhere!
Sometimes brushing after every meal or snack seems ridiculous. So why not just use a mouth wash instead if you cant brush? Instead of going for a water based mouth wash, try going in for a specified product.
It will keep your mouth away from bad breath and keep away the yellow layers from developing.

3. Eat healthy
Avoid eating junk and sticky food. As these type of food tend to remain stuck in the teeth and are best for the germs to attack.

4. Hum while you brush
It is important for one to brush for at least three minutes. And the best way to do it is to pick up your favourite song and hum it till the end while brushing.

With these tips given. We hope that you keep smiling.

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