Take care of the soul mirrors! Eyes are precious

Eyes are the mirror to our souls, they say! We gorge on a healthy diet pattern, drink the recommended oodles of water but have we ever cared or valued the most important organ of our body- our eyes? The sad bit is that these “vision boons” are often neglected. So let’s do our bit for these precious and delicate organs of our body:

Rush for your eye exam today

Get regular with your checkups . There is no doubt that the age influences the vision but serious problems of the eyes like macular degeneration, or glaucoma are treatable when detected on time. If you are diabetic then your visits to your eye doctor need to be more frequent.

The tech screens

Be careful of the frequent staring at the tablets, the Smartphones, the laptops , the desktops, the MP 3 players and the other enamoring screens that we encounter daily, the screens at the railway station, the theaters, the subways etc. The glare and the contrast of the screens can lead to a lot of strain on the eyes and may even cause a state termed as computer vision syndrome.

Blink the eye

Doctors order–“Blink the eyes 15-20 times a minute”, but do we follow these instructions when our eyes stare at the tech screens. Lack of blinking can lead to the drying of the cornea and irritation in the eyes. Go for a dry eye treatment if necessary.

Use the Sun protectors- the glares

Prolonged strong exposure to sun rays and the ultra-violet rays can lead to macular degeneration and the coming on of cataracts. According Dr. Lylas Mogk, co-author of Macular Degeneration: The Complete Guide to Saving and Maximizing Your Sight, . “The blue wavelengths–violet and blue–hit the retina. The best filters against blue are in the amber-orange-brown range of commercial sunglasses.”

Use the glares even when you are near any flying particles or around machinery or objects that can harm your eyes in any way.

Contact care

Make sure that the solutions used for the preservation of the contact lens are within the expiry period and that you remove the contact lens before hitting the shack. Care for the lens, says the doctor!

Gorge on the ideal diet

Eat foods that are rich in lutein and beta carotene as they are good for the eyes. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, mustard greens, kale, collard etc need to be taken regularly . Omega fatty 3 acids are very good for the eyes, fish and flax seeds are what work here. The packaged or processed foods are not much of help here and cannot be counted under the ideal diet foods.

You can have good healthy eyes if you decide to chuck the cigarette away, you really don’t want to suffer the pain of an optic damage, macular degeneration or cataract, so it’s a good bye to the cigarette! After this it’s the exercise schedule that matters. Visit the doctor on time and go for regular physicals.

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