Bisexuality Not A Real Sexual Orientation

According to a study, 15% of the studied people do not consider bisexuality a real sexual orientation. Many researchers surveyed a number of adult persons and found that most of them have a negative perception regarding bisexuality.

Mackey Friedman, researcher at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and Director, HIV prevention initiative Project Silk, found that the people who are bisexual, generally face shame, prejudice and often think that they are discriminated by the society from the normal people who are homosexual or heterosexual.This can result in a feeling of seclusion and downgrading. According to another research that was published previously, this downgrading and seclusion results in higher amount of substance abuse, unsafe sexual behaviors and depression.

The recent study and survey also found that nearly 1.2 Million people in the United States of America are bisexual. Among them, 121,800 people are having HIV. They are less prone to HIV rather than the homosexual people. The study also revealed that the bisexual people have only 40% chance of acquiring HIV. Mackey Friedman derived this data after a study was conducted on 3000 people. According to Government estimates, men, who are involved in sexual activity with other males, are the most vulnerable persons to HIV. About sixty percent male, who got involved in sexual activities with other men in the year 2009, ended up with HIV.

The research that was published on November 5 says that it may have adverse effects for the community for bisexuals.

Mackey Friedman was interested to estimate the total number of men who are bisexual and had the infection as there were less statistics available in that population’s fragment.

Through the research it is also found that the men who are bisexual feel very shy rather than the females. Mackey Friedman also found that several college students think that the people who are bisexual are basically different, confused and also experimental.

Mackey Friedman thinks that this research can positively aid people to target social marketing programs and outreach regarding the negative belief of bisexuals. He also wished that these approaches would also help to improve rates of HIV inhibition, analysis and treatment within the community of bisexual people.

The research was revealed in American Public Health Association’s 141st Annual Meeting & Exposition in Boston.

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