Coping up with Life And Love With Someone With The BPD Or Borderline Personality Disorder

People live in a society that is psychologically sophisticated. Many people face emotional difficulties and some might even be one among the person you love the most or share your life.

Symptoms of BPD:
The symptoms of BPD are highly visible among many people around you and make sure that you make a note of the symptoms associated with this mental condition to make sure that you can identify the one suffering from it easily.

• Patients with Borderline personality disorder have difficulty in staying in a job for long time or maintain a relationship.
• They experience emotional outbursts and usually express their anger by using abuse language, revenge or physical attack.
• They can experience a feeling of rejection and can criticize harshly even those who are close to them.
• They can consider a person as good for one day and think them as bad the next day.
• They can act with self-destruction nature such as driving in a reckless manner, shopping spree, cutting their hands, forced sex, alcohol usage and drugs, shoplifting or binge eating.

The symptoms can range from mild to severe based on the degree of BPD the person is suffering from. When you are living with a person with BPD and that person is not ready to take up a treatment for the condition, then follow these suggestions to live problem free.

Be consistent in nature:
If you have promised your loved one about something, make sure that you maintain your word. Whether you are facing a tearful meltdown or an outburst of anger, make sure that you are consistent, though it is not easy.

Do not shoulder other’s responsibility:
Never rescue your loved one with BPD by owing up responsibility. If he or she breaks the glass at home or a window of your car, ask them to pay for the damage or replace it. This will give them a chance to realize their mistake and change.

Give honest reviews:
People with BPD tend to forget how bad they have been or behaved, as they have no clue about their condition. So offer a honest review about what they did as he or she must realize that they have been awful!

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