Delayed sex enhances quality of married life–Study

Making love is an integral part of any marriage. In fact, in many cultures around the world marriage is said to consummate only when the spouses hit the sheets.

Findings of a latest study, however, suggest that delaying sex has the potency to strengthen the relationship of a married couple.

The study reveals that it is important for the couple to communicate with each other during the early part of their married life. Such two-way communication will enable them lead a more satisfying married life.

Study Methodology and Findings
The study, conducted by researchers at the Brigham Young University in Utah, revealed that people who delayed having sex considered their marriage more stable and enjoyed a more blissful married life vis-à-vis their counterparts who made love early in their married innings.

The study authors do not deny that sex is important part of married life.

Study co-author Dean M. Busby avers, “The take-home message is that sex is a powerful experience. It really bonds us to one another and so it may be important before we go down that road to take the time to see if you can talk to this other person — see if you have similar personalities and similar directions in life — to see whether or not this is a relationship that can last.”

The U.S. society is not averse to premarital sex. In fact the study quotes that 85 percent of Americans confessed to have been sexually involved prior to tying the knot. Such physical relationship is considered necessary to gauge the ‘sexual chemistry’ amongst the would-be spouses.

For the purpose of the study, researchers analyzed the sexual behavior of 2,035 participants. These study participants were divided into three groups; people who made love within a month of meeting, people who delayed hitting the bed for a month but had sex within two years of meeting.

The third group consisted of people who did not make love at all till they were married.

The study findings clearly established that people in the last group who waited the longest to make love had the maximum positive outcomes in their married life.

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