Feeling nauseous because of morning sickness? Play down the symptoms

Thrilled at the news of turning a “mommy” soon? The constant spells of nausea and vomiting, the agonizing morning sickness or pregnancy sickness moments, do act as a dampener to the happy news in the beginning. It may be an unpleasant feeling but it rarely causes metabolic derangement, still why not look for a way out of this discomfort:

Morning sickness affects nearly half of the pregnant women and is a result of low blood counts, increased estrogen levels, and a strong reaction to certain smells. It generally effects one in the early morning hours and then settles down as the day passes. The symptoms settle down when the first trimester ends. We have gathered a few tips to taper down the sickness spells:

Rest properly

Get a proper sleep at night. Block out the light with dark glasses or sleep masks at night and use a maternity body pillow for support. Don’t move right after a meal and grab a shut eye during the day.

Take it slow ans steady

Don’t rush out of bed, take it easy when you step down , remember there is no hurry, let the stomach settle down.

Concentrate on diet

Fatty and spicy foods may not be comfortable on the stomach. Stay away from heavy and caffeine laden foods. Try to keep the amount of food you eat at one time a small portion. Make sure that the stomach has some food all the while as nausea can be kept to a minimum.

On an empty stomach the acid production works on the lining of the stomach and thus leads to severe nausea.Munch on some peanut or salt crackers, a protein biscuit before stepping down from bed.

Try to include some pears , bananas, apple sauces or citrus delights to your breakfast menu. These highly nutritious foods are tasty and also have potassium that reduces morning sickness.
Before retiring to bed snack on a protein snack to regulate the blood glucose in your body.

Shut the laptop

Computers are a no-no early in the morning , the flickering lights can be very irritating and cause nausea. In case of emergency increase the size of the font.


Try to move around in the mornings as physical activity reduces symptoms of morning sickness.

Try liquids

Stay hydrated. We know that the bloatedness does not welcome water but dehydration causes nausea. Adding a dash of honey to lime water may also help. Suck on an ice cube made from juice or water will make sure that the hydration levels stay.


Ginger soothes the stomach and can keep nausea at bay. So pop in a sweetened ginger julion to suck on it, Ginger ale or ginger tea can also do the needful.

Finally make sure that you do not miss out on your iron and vitamin supplements. You need to be busy and dressed in very comfortable clothing and keep strong odors away.

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