Halt that ‘chapped lips’ misery ! We can help you

Bleeding and chapped lips troubling you? It actually is, time to fret, as the winters are working overtime on the lips. The chilly wind blasts, and the dry winter weather leads to dehydration of the lips and chaffing. But don’t worry we will give you ways out to avoid those tiny painful cracks in the lips.

Excess dryness on the lips leads to cracks and splits on the surface that can be very painful if they go untreated. The surface skin of the lips start to come off and the peeling can lead to bleeding .

Home remedies are the answer

Remember the yucky smelling ointment prepared by your granny for the lips? It may not have smelt good but it is effective. Non perfumed ointments like Vitamin E creams, aloe vera and unflavored lip balms. Cut a cucumber, and rub the slice on the chapped lips .Even milk juice, honey, olive, coconut and natural oils are equally effective when applied.

.Load up on fluids

We know that one doesn’t have the urge to drink water during winters , continue splurging on the fluids , make sure the fluid intake is same as the summer months. The recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day are a must . Lips are the first indication that one is getting dehydrated ,so watch it!
Leave your tongue inside your mouth

That must be sounding weird but don’t keep licking the lips especially when they are chapped. Licking the lips lead to cracking and increases the chapping. In the long run it can end up as a painful habit as the saliva dries to dehydrate the lips. Exercise control on the tongue!

Stay away from cosmetics

You may have been enamored by the attractive lips shining out from the television screens, just remember the manufacturers have a company to run. The luscious lips that tempt you are for looks only but the products advertised may not have much to offer. The products are laden with chemicals and in the long run leave the lips dry and chapped.

Chose your toothpaste carefully

The toothpaste that you use to clean your teeth may actually be causing you an allergy in the body . The fluoride toothpastes actually have been seen to cause allergies in people, chuck it away and change your brand.

Moisturize the lips regularly

Neglect causes chapped lips and so make sure you keep the lips moisturized and do not expose the lips to harsh weather conditions until they are completely healed.

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