Immune system crippled? Check out your chronic stress levels

Are you constantly plagued by infections and do you have a compromised immune system? Check it out, it may be the chronic stress handed out by your boss! The immune system’s gene expression can change dramatically due to a stressful working environment ,confirm the research scientists.

The research study on chronic stress

Research confirms that exposure to a stressful situation over a long time has the power to alter the gene activity in the immune cells itself much before they get in contact with the bloodstream and this can lead to a strong impact on the health causing recurrent infections .

For this the Ohio State University researchers carried out a study on mice .The study highlighted that chronic stressful situations led to a change in the expression and activation of genes in the immune system cells and surprisingly this happens much before the genes are released from the bone marrow.

How stress works on body?

The constant stress leads to changes in the gene expression and the cells get charged to fight a traumatic situation or an infection that actually is not there, thus compromising the immune system. This fight against a fictitious infection leads to tremendous amount of inflammation in the body and thus the body becomes host to innumerable health problems.

The gene activation that can reduce the inflammation in the body is suppressed and the genes are promote inflammation are working at levels much higher than normal.

Immune system response

The immune system is expected to respond to any situation where the body faces trauma and this is imperative for the survival of the human being, but a constant stressful situation that a person is exposed to over time can be detrimental for the health of the human beings.

The stress that we talk about here is not the generally stressful moments that we go through but are actually those stressful situations where the stress is repeated over a period of time. These duress moments acts as a trigger for the body and in turn drag a flight or a fight response from the sympathetic nervous system. This reaction stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to produce new blood cells.

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