Pop An Aspirin Before Hitting The Bed, It Might Save You From Heart Attack!

A recent study has revealed some very useful details that would benefit millions of people. Taking a low dose aspirin before going to bed would be highly beneficial as it can prevent the chances of heart attacks or strokes in the morning while waking up.

The AHA or American Heart Association has made a recommendation to people prone to high risks of heart attacks, if prescribed by their doctor as
survivors of heart attack can rely on the regular dose of this pill to stay safe. Sidney Smith Jr., Cardiologist, Professor, University of North Carolina School of Medicine, who is also the spokesperson of the heart association, said that this is because aspirin can maintain the platelets from clot formation as it can induce heart attack incidences or strokes. He also added that heart attacks are much frequent during the mornings and hence anything that has the ability to lower the platelet activity during the early morning time is highly beneficial.

The Netherlands researchers made a study on 290 patients with heart issues and were already on aspirin. They made them to take a tablet of aspirin of 100 mg after they woke up in the morning or before they went to sleep for a period of three months. As soon as each period got over, the blood pressure of the patients and their platelet activity were recorded.

Though the blood pressure remained unchanged before and after the aspirin administration, the study revealed that the activity of blood platelet was very low and made a significant difference. Tobias Bonten the lead author at Leiden University Medical Center, Netherlands, presented the study report, this Tuesday at the Scientific Sessions of AHA held at Dallas.

He also added that the platelet activity would be the highest one during the morning and that is why it causes incidences like heart attacks or strokes. This is the first study that has explored the aspirin’s effect on humans who face the risky cardio-vascular diseases, and this means millions across the world would be benefited owing to these findings of the study.

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