5 ways to gain weight the healthy way

It’s a dream to be able to gorge on the yummy delights and not put on calories. There are people who eat like horses but never seem to put on weight, though they long to add some mass to their bodies. Exercise and proper nutrition may be the “magic mantra” so read on for some healthy weight gain tips:

Exercise is the key to weight gain the healthy way

Blindly just adding fat deposits to the body are not the right answer, remember the weight gain has to be healthy and for that we may have to put on some muscle fat. So let’s find a way out to gain the weight that we desperately want. A skinny person putting on weight and fat may not look very appealing. Only exercise and proper nutrition is the answer to proper build up of muscle. Another thing the exercise session has to be ended with proper cooling exercises and the right recuperation methods to calm the agitated muscles.

Stay away from weight loss or weight gain medications

Have you noticed the weight lifters and other guys stuffed with the oozing muscles? Most of them rely on anabolic drugs to pump up their muscles. Be careful, that is not the right way, what is right for them may not be the ideal answer for you. Look out for a hard-gainer, in the muscle world. These are the drug free guys who slogged to get the body they have. Get proper counseling suggestions and proper recuperation methods from them and gain weight the healthy way.

Be wary of the suggested nutritional supplements, there are people who never used them but still gained the ideal weight successfully. Though, a prudent use of the nutritional supplements can be thought over after proper advice.

Concentrate on the right exercise ways

Exercising wrongly is the same as not getting any exercise. The frequency and the volume of the exercise also needs to be correct, as it’s the combination of correct techniques for exercise, the right exercises, proper intensity, volume and the frequency that makes a difference. But make sure that the training is in bounds and there is no over-training.

Balanced diet

For good results one needs to have proper training and sufficient nutrition from a healthy balanced diet. Nutrients are necessary so make sure the diet includes healthy foods comprising all food groups.

One cannot rely only on protein, fatty foods are also a must to put on healthy weight. Dietary fat added to the caloric and protein intake is necessary for adding to the body to grow proper muscles. Almost 30% of healthy fats should make up the caloric intake. Eat a good volume of food that is made up of calorie dense foods.

It may be three meals supplemented by 2-3 snack treats or it maybe three huge meals a day, or it maybe six small meals a day. The food intake has to be increased gradually so that the digestive tract learns how to accept it comfortably. This means that the food eaten needs to be just a slight surplus to put on muscle gain.

Sleep well

Sleep helps you grow and build muscle and also gives the body time to recover after the workouts and the fat burnouts. Hard training demands at least 8 hours sleep and don’t forget to rest between the exercise workouts.

Finally be dedicated in the endeavor and go on with the efforts regardless of weather conditions or other potential distractions. Stick to the recommended caloric requirements.

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